JZJ Beefmasters


JZJ Beefmasters
Raising Purebred Beefmasters
JZJ Natural Beef
Striving To Provide Safe, Healthy and Nutritious
Food for Your Family & Ours

JZJ Beefmasters is a family owned and operated purebred cattle business. Raising the gentle, easy going Beefmaster,  Jack and Jo Ann Zerkle produce outstanding seed stock, and delicious natural beef.

JZJ Natural Beef is produced from JZJ Beefmaster cattle raised on grass, legumes such as clover or vetch, hay and grain rations. Antibiotics or animal by products are not fed and growth hormones are not added through feed or implant.

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Colton Kroll
P.O. Box 95
Glen Rose, TX 76043
(254) - 485 - 7010

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