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At JZJ Beefmasters, we raise cattle with two specific markets in mind. We are a seedstock producer offering both bulls and heifers for sale, as well as a natural beef provider delivering retail cuts of beef to consumers throughout Texas.


JZJ Natural Beef has individual cuts of beef for sale as well as a whole, half or quarter carcass.  You may order your individual cuts and we will deliver to your home or to a site designated by you within the Waco, Killeen, Temple, Belton and surrounding areas.   We also ship UPS in Texas.  Our beef may also be purchased from the Texas Cheese House booth at the Downtown Waco Farmers Market in the Central Texas City of Waco.  JZJ Natural Beef is also available at Texas Cheese House www.texascheesehouse.com at 102 E. Center, Lorena, Texas  76655.

Our carcass orders will be cut to your specifications, vacuum sealed and delivered to you within a 100 mile radius at no charge.  There will be a fuel charge for any carcass deliveries over the 100 mile radius.   


Our cattle are raised from birth under our supervision and everything they eat is in accordance with our formula for JZJ Natural Beef.  Our calves are pasture raised, nursing their mothers until weaning.  They are then moved to another pasture and left to graze on grass.  A feeder containing a 100% vegetarian feed is introduced into this pasture for the last ninety days before the calf is harvested.  During the winter season grass hay produced on our farm is used to provide the roughage portion of their diet.  We believe the combination of free range grazing supplemented by vegetarian grain ration gives JZJ Natural Beef its distinctively great flavor.


Our goal is to supply safe, healthy and nutritious food for our family and yours.






Colton Kroll
P.O. Box 95
Glen Rose, TX 76043
(254) - 485 - 7010
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