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Striving To Provide Safe, Healthy and Nutritious Food for Your Family & Ours

Special care and calculations were used in the feeding program development at JZJ Natural Beef. The grain mixture fed to the calves is 100% vegetarian and does not contain antibiotics.  Hormones are never added, either by feed or implant.  A local friend and grain farmer mixes our grain rations and is very dedicated to maintaining the quality standards required by JZJ Natural Beef


At harvest time our calves are processed at local Texas Department of Agriculture or United States Department of Agriculture inspected facilities.  Again, the operators of these plants are aware of JZJ Natural Beef standards and are in compliance with our minimally processed standard.  We do not introduce red dye or added water to our beef.  After being humanely harvested the beef hangs in a cooler for 14 to 21 days for dry-aging.



Although we originally selected Beefmaster cattle as our breed of choice when we started in the cattle business to take advantage of their great mothering traits, their pleasant disposition, and their calves' ability to consistently gain weight economically, we have eventually realized they produce an ideal carcass for the JZJ Natural Beef customers.  We combine a grass raised program with a grain supplemented finishing program that allows the calves to stay in the pasture while having access to a feeder with a grain ration to supplement their forage diet seventy five to ninety days before harvest. 

Beefmasters seem to develop the correct type and amount of finish to give JZJ Natural Beef the flavor our customers remember from the time before mass production caused the influx of hormones to enhance rapid growth and the constant use of antibiotics as preventative measures when confining large groups of cattle into small areas without allowing for forage to remain in their diet.  Beefmaster cattle are an extremely hardy breed of cattle and will prevail and produce quality delicious beef on the forage and grain supplemented diet.

We deliver free in the Waco, Temple, Belton and Killeen area.  Below is our list of available products and the per pound pricing of our products. 

Please email us at jzjbeefmaster@gmail.com or contact us at 254-485-7010 to place your customized order for JZJ Natural Beef.



Chuck/Seven Roast                                                    $  9.00/lb
Brisket                                                                         $10.00/lb
Tenderloin Filets                                                         $35.00/lb
Boneless Ribeyes                                                         $25.00/lb
New York Strips                                                          $20.00/lb
Sirloin Steaks                                                              $15.00/lb
Round Steak Tenderized (Cutlets)                            $10.00/lb
Fajita (Tenderized)                                                     $15.00/lb
Short Ribs                                                                    $  5.50/lb
Ground Beef                                                                $  8.50/lb
Stew Meat                                                                    $ 8.50/lb
Soup Bones                                                                  $  3.00/lb
Oxtail                                                                           $  9.00/lb



A whole carcass is $4.35 per pound.  A half carcass price is $4.62 per pound.  A quarter carcass is $4.95per pound.


A 1,000 lb. calf will yield a hanging weight of approximately 61.5% or 615 lbs.

Carcass prices include processing, and delivery within 100 miles of Troy, Texas.

Colton Kroll
P.O. Box 95
Glen Rose, TX 76043
(254) - 485 - 7010

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