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Raising Purebred Beefmasters

JZJ Beefmasters began raising registered Beefmaster cattle in 2007.  We sell heifers private treaty to commercial producers.  Bulls are consigned in the Central Texas Beefmaster Breeders Association's Beef "On" Forage Bull Sale, the Collier Farms Performance Bull Sale and the Texoma Bull and Female Sale.  We consign heifers to the Collier Farm Advantage Sale and the Texoma Bull and Female Sale.


We are totally satisfied with the Beefmaster breed of cattle.  They have proven to be great fertile mothers, having calves near 365 day intervals and milking heavily all the way through our normal weaning time which is eight months.  Their gentle disposition makes handling them safe for both themselves and us.  Gaining ability allows us to put heavier calves on feed, enhancing our JZJ Natural Beef program.  The JZJ Natural Beef program also prospers from the heavy muscled confirmation of our Beefmaster calves.  Their natural hardiness has allowed us to maintain a consistent calf crop through periods of significant rainfall and lush grass as well as extremely dry periods.

When JZJ Beefmasters began selecting our first Beefmaster cows, we discussed the six essentials (deposition, fertility, weight, conformation, milk production, and hardiness) with each rancher from whom we purchased cows. However, the one characteristic which remained consistent throughout with these ranchers was grass developed herds. JZJ Beefmasters herd reflects this criteria throughout. We have purchased cows from the herds of premium breeders within the Beefmaster business and remain pleased with these cattle for seedstock production as well as carcass quality.

JZJ Beefmasters cows represent purchases from the herds of Frenzel Beefmasters, Larry Buster, Collier Farms, Biles Beefor and Emmons Ranch. These females are primarily bred by artificial insemination allowing the use of Beefmaster bulls that consistently improve the quality of our progeny. We primarily use semen from Collier Farms and clean up with our own Collier Farms produced bull as well as semen from Larry Lairmore and Ron Sanko and a clean up bull puchased from Shanin Vinson.

We, at JZJ Beefmasters, are confident in the progeny produced from these matings and welcome inquiries regarding replacement stock.

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